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Subject:  Re: Where is BMW Date:  12/14/2012  10:00 AM
Author:  kelbon Number:  40858 of 42233

Because boards are wrecked and we are all poorer for it. I've seen three boards destroyed this way in the past few years.

We kill pests, parasite and bacteria all the time to stay healthy. We kill weeds to preserve the useful crops. We put murderers to death. Messengers are one thing, killers are another. Don't confuse them.

Denny, half the time I don't know if you're just being flippant and contrary in a light way, or if you are actually angry and upset. Unfortunately, there is no tone of voice or facial expression to accompany the written word.

If people posted "on topic" rather than spending their time complaining about what they, rightly or wrongly, perceive as complaining — whether tongue in cheek, or with genuine anger — perhaps boards wouldn't be so easily "destroyed?" (This is the groove you seem to be in at the moment!)

I have no idea whether you consider me a pest, parasite, etc. etc. with the other posters who sometimes disagreed with BMW and his method. But, almost without exception, there was reasoning and logic laid out in a relevant context in contrary posts. If a poster can't stand to have his views and assertions questioned and debated then likely there's little verity to them in the first place. It's an unfortunate truth that the amount of posts, effort, and generosity expended in sharing a "method" doesn't make something so that isn't.

When it came down to it the "BMW method" simply boiled down to: identify stocks that are experiencing a depressed stock price trend and then try and find out why. The identification can easily be done (without the hocus-pocus of "RMS" etc.) just by looking at any one of the readily available long-term stock price charts.

You can inflate the simple short core paragraph above with an enormous volume of the written equivalent of hot air, but when a pin pricks the balloon it pops and shrivels up. Is this not what happened here?

At the expense of repeating myself: one or two contrary posters can't wreck a board if it's sound, healthy, and active. Just as a balanced level of bacteria doesn't damage a healthy body, the bacteria makes it stronger.

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