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Subject:  Re: Christianity collapsing in the UK! Date:  12/14/2012  12:10 PM
Author:  DrBob2 Number:  414761 of 507857

I saw a documentary a few years ago about radical Islam. They traced the modern version (that includes anti-American/anti-freedom elements) to a book written by a guy in the 50s. He traveled to the US and was so horrified at what he saw ("lack of spirituality", women as something other than slaves, etc) that he was moved to write that book. Basically, we're immoral, unspiritual, just this side of being satanic, etc. It's the bible for the modern extremist.

Yep, that was Sayyid Qutb. Islamism actually goes back a bit further with ideological roots in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928. To quote Bassam Tibi, a professor of political science at Göttingen and Harvard and a researcher on Islamic fundamentalism:

"The goal of the Islamic fundamentalists is to abolish the Western, secular world order and replace it with a new Islamist divine order....The goal of the Islamists is a new imperial, absolutist Islamic world power."

Qutb, another Egyptian, had time to write while in Egyptian prison and has become a primary source for Islamism: "After the complete breakdown of democracy, Western civilization has nothing else to give humanity....The dominance of Western man has reached its end. The time has come for Islam to take the lead"

He attended college in Greeley, Colorado, someplace that was conservative even for the 1950s. But he saw men and women dancing together. And, unfortunately, they had a bad barber in the town:

Qutb writes: “In summary, anything that requires a touch of elegance is not for the American, even haircuts! For there was not one instance in which I had a haircut there when I did not return home to even with my own hands what the barber had wrought.” This culminating example of inescapable barbarism led directly to his conclusion. “Humanity makes the gravest of errors and risks losing its account of morals, if it makes America its example.”

Turning a haircut into a matter of grave moral significance is the work of a fanatic. That's the light ultimately cast by Qutb's American experience on the question of why his disciples might hate us. Hating America for its haircuts cannot be distinguished from hating for no sane reason at all.

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