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Subject:  Re: ...and now Steven Crowder getting Punched Date:  12/14/2012  3:36 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  660114 of 876451

If Bill Maher went to some NRA protest and played a video of himself being hit in the face, and then claimed that he was punched by a thug for no apparent reason, after which it turned out that he edited out the part where he pushed the guy down ...

...Maher would have no credibility with me in the first place.
So Bill Maher is at pro-liberal rally, there's a tent set-up for the liberals by the Tax The Rich For Freedom Foundation, the NRA is outside the tent in big numbers, the NRA guys start cutting the ropes and lifting the stakes to try to collapse the tent on the women and children and hot dog vendor inside, Bill Maher comes out and sees one of the NRA guys cutting the rope or loosening a stake and pushes him, the NRA guy falls back, gets up and storms Maher, punching him 4 times. Your assumption is that i'd take the NRA guys side? Are you kitten me?

You're taking the Unions side? Are you kitten me?!
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