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Subject:  Re: ...and now Steven Crowder getting Punched Date:  12/14/2012  3:55 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  660116 of 875664

So now you're altering the hypothetical to add the claim that Maher/Crowder caught the guy cutting the rope and pushed him down?

Are you kitten me?

Think about why you added that made up fact to your hypothetical to justify Crowder's actions.

You had to change the facts to make your defense of Crowder more plausible.
First of all i assumed Crowder pushed him, that's hypothetical too. I'm guessing if he did push him he would've had a good reason considering he was outnumbered 100 to 1. My guess is if he did it was because they were trying to collapse the tent, which as it just so happens did collapse, and he was attempting to keep safe the people under the tent. In an interview with Clint the Hot Dog guy he said the groundskeeper in charge of the grounds told Clint to get out of the tent because the union guys were cutting the ropes. In your mind the guys trying to prevent the tent from being collapsed were the bad guys. That's like blaming the rape victim because she was dressed provocatively.

Face it, if the Tea Party was outside the tent the tent would still be standing, and Bill Maher, Micheal Moore, or Harry Belefonte wouldn't have had to push anyone away from the tent.
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