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Subject:  Re: Connecticut Date:  12/14/2012  7:51 PM
Author:  MissEdithKeeler Number:  46793 of 116888

Same for drunk driving. How well did that work out for prohibition?

What is it, 40,000 to 50000 slaughtered on the roads each year, half of them by drunk drivers?

Lots of innocent kids, too...wiped out by 7th conviction DUI types who intercst and the libs will never put in jail, nor remove their driving licenses other than for a slap on the wrist and a promise to get 'treatment'.....

This is SUCH a stupid argument, and I'm tired of hearing it.

Learn something. Maybe even read the MADD website, which notes that 211 children were killed by drunk drivers, more than half of them were riding with the drunk driver.

Your number of 40-50K people "slaughtered on the roads" is ridiculous. The number was around 11,000, per the New York Times, whose numbers I trust more than yours.

26 people killed today. 12 in Aurora. 6 at the Sikh temple. 7 in Oakland. 2 in New York. 5 in Minneapolis. 3 in Milwaukee. These are just the nationally-publicizeds shootings. That's 61 people dead right there and doesn't include all of the additional people who were injured.

There were MORE than 31,000 deaths in the US in 2009 involving firearms. Of those, 11,000 were homicides.

If you read the statistics, about as many people die in traffic accidents (not just drunk driving accidents) as die in gun-related deaths each year.

In 2007, 87% of all households in the US owned at least 1 vehicle.

So that's over 100 million vehicles on US roads.

We have 270 MILLION registered firearms in the US. That's TWICE as many cars than we have?? And those are just the ones that are registered and doesn't include the number of unregistered guns out there.

My dad was a hunter. He hunted ducks and quail and then later only used his guns for skeet and trap.

I will agree with you that most gun owners are reasonably responsible (of course, that guy that shot his 7 year old recently was probably a responsible gun owner too). But not everyone is (like whoever owned the gun that a toddler found here in Memphis just this week and shot herself).

One of our Memphis police officers was shot and killed just today. He was the 5th cop this year to be killed in the line of duty in Memphis.

I'm a pretty staunch gun control advocate. But even I'm willing to say let's not even bad all guns. Let's start with limiting the number you can own. My dad had dozens, which was ridiculous. Most people I know don't own guns, so with 90 guns to every 100 Americans, some people out there has a SPITLOAD. Let's limit the number to 5 guns per person, with no automatic or semi automatic action, and require that any gun sold in the US had an appropriate trigger guard.

Let's up the sentences for gun-related crimes. Let's fill our prisons with people doing gun crimes, rather than petty drug crap. Anyone found with an unregistered gun in their possession faces prison time. Period.

Let's start with that. Let's just do something rather than just wring our hands and pray for peace. Let's do something rather than say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Yeah, people kill people. With guns at least one out of three times. And people kill a lot of people with automatic and semiautomatic guns.

Let's do something, rather than say "well, Prohibition didn't work...."

I'm sick of hearing these stories about innocent people being killed when some whacko goes off his meds.
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