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Subject:  Re: Connecticut Date:  12/14/2012  9:36 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46796 of 85710

Three the libs go again...gun control, confiscation, and penalties

MissEdith:"I'm a pretty staunch gun control advocate. But even I'm willing to say let's not even bad all guns. Let's start with limiting the number you can own. My dad had dozens, which was ridiculous."

Now, really, does it make any difference after the first one? If you own a nice self protection gun, like a Glock, a semi automatic, you can fire off more than a dozen rounds and a proficient trained or practiced shooter can reload in 3 seconds and begin again. So what if he has 24 more guns at home?

Your argument is silly.

Your father probably had some target shooting pistols, some shotguns, some deer hunting guns, and self defense guns, some guns for duck hunting or bird hunting...maybe some 'collectibe' ones from way back when that used black powder. So what?



MissEdith:" Mos