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Subject:  Re: Connecticut Date:  12/14/2012  11:45 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46803 of 87347

SG" But although we no longer have prohibition, we do have strict laws about drinking and driving."

YOu wouldn't know it from the deaths on the road. Here , two Cowboys decided to party hardy - one is dead, the other in jail for Intoxication Manslaugher"

Tell me about the 10,000 killed - even though you think we have strict laws. In many places, there are folks driving after SEVEN convictions, never having spent a week in jail. They even drive without a license while theirs is suspended. NO one is going to take their car because, well, they 'need' it'.


SG:" You may feel like they are not enforced sufficiently, but they exist."

Tell that to the family of the dead Dalls Cowboy and the other 10,000 killed each year in drunk driving accidents.


G: We also charge high license fees and apply strict regulations to establishments that sell and dispense alcohol."

Does that stop teenagers from drinking? You don'[t think they drink on campus? you don't think they drink in frat houses? Gimme a break.

Half the teenagers in this country have bogus drivers licenses to get into drinking establishments or buy beer.


SG:"In addition, we have fairly rigid requirements for being allowed to drive."

Yeah...rush the border, escape the border patrol, and in CA, you are issued a drivers license. Got it. Don't even need to speak English.

SG: I believe all states require that applicants pass a test."

Yeah..I passed one almost 50 years ago. SOme states are easy. Some are a bit harder.

I don't recall anywhere on the test they check to see if you've been texting or 'have been under the influence'. hair follicle test? Gimme a break.

Driving while sober is a lot different than driving while drunk. I'd bet all those 'drunk drivers' passed their test. So?

Didn't stop drunk driving , did it?


SG": Further, cars are all required to be licensed and to pay an annual fee to be allowed on the road.:

Heh TX half the cars are uninsured and 25% are probably unregistered or have phony plates on them.

That also hasn't stopped drunk driving accidents, has it?

It's not 'cars that kill' but drunk or deranged people wh