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Subject:  Re: Connecticut Date:  12/14/2012  11:56 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46805 of 117690

MissEdith:"How hard is it to understand the simple argument that fewer guns mean fewer gun accidents? Fewer gun murders? Ban automatics and semi automatics, and maybe the whacko at least has to work a little harder to get a hold of one before he can go out and shoot someone. "

Really, you forgot the part where it takes only one gun owned by a crazy nutcase to kill someone. If he has 25 at home, your simple argument falls apart, right?

ANd, of course, fewer cars means fewer accidents and drunk driving deaths! Your argument is silly!

Nearly all guns owned today are semi automatic. Just like you likely drive an AUTOMATIC (perish the thought) transmission car!.......and no, you just take along a six shot revolver and fast loader.......(which isn't a semi automatic). .....

And likely , your 'whacko' could have passed any gun test......and, just like you can buy pot in any town in the country, for $50 or $100 or $200 , you can buy yourself a cheap semi-auto pistol in any town in this country 'on the streets'.....if you can't keep out a million pounds of pot each year, what makes you think you could keep out tens of thousands of 1 lb guns?

We'll find out where this whacko got his guns.....and can go from there.

HEck, remember it was Obama and his drones that flooded Mexico with illegal FULLY automatic weapons...where there is ONLY one legal gun store in all of Mexico..and 50,000 people were killed by gun violence last year. Tell me how well gun registration and control works in Mexico. please!........private citizens can't own guns there. They are being slaughtered by the thousands.

Most of your gun violence here is drug related...look at Chicago....gangs and drugs....drugs and gangs.......solve one
problem you solve the other.

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