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Subject:  Re: You all do know that 'natural' peanut butter Date:  12/15/2012  11:02 AM
Author:  zoningfool Number:  57453 of 58955

Yep--just read this on another forum....I mean no wonder we're a nation of fatties.... stupidity....

I'm not terribly suprised by this to be depressing a thought as that might be. I don't think it's so much stupidity as the fact that we all have something of a credulous believing brain to some degree......and the advertising world knows how to make full use of it.

Terms like "natural", "organic", "holistic" etc. are bandied around and sell a lot more products or services than you'd expect. Look at how "low fat" managed to pursuade so many folk that, say, Snackwell cookies and soda and whatnot were reasonable additions to a nutritious diet......and look at how the low carb gurus are now making out like bandits by pursuading those same folk that their obesity is due to faulty advice rather than their own credulity or that weight management is not a matter of calories in vs calories out etc. etc.

I know. I know. I know. It is soooo predictable--I think I wrote a few threads back about how people engage in the following thought process: food X is 'healthy' because it's 'natural', 'organic', 'low carb', 'low fat,' 'paleo', 'primal' or whatever the latest fitness/diet guru advocates. And being at your ideal weight is also 'healthy', so eating food X will cause you to arrive at your ideal weight--calories aside. I guess people believe what the want to believe.

I'm no better. I'm a sucker for skin care products and slick marketing and would spend money like there's no tomorrow but for the fact that so much stuff I squandered my $$bucks on has caused me to break out.

You have to shake your head at it all.

Well, I've seen those infomercials too--the skin products, the hair products....they sound sooo compelling that you feel almost negligent if you don't buy it.

However I will tell you what works--works as close to miraculously as you can imagine and (you should appreciate this) takes less time than a dental cleaning--botox and juvederm. Pricy for sure, but sooo very, very worth every penny.
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