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Subject:  Re: Bullish on QCOR Date:  12/18/2012  12:59 AM
Author:  JiminyBillyBob Number:  6 of 100

At this point, I'm very positive on QCOR's outlook. The last CITRON article was published on 06 December 2012, and this caused a brief drop in the stock price, which quickly rectified. I believe that investors were already used to CITRON attacks and were not as easily scared out of their positions, especially since the article itself was contradictory to common sense.

The article stated, "Prime recently issued a case study summary with regard to Acthar Gel prescriptions. Its write-up of a study of 30 Acthar prescriptions states: "Analysis Finds 96% of Use Unnecessary".

Prime Therapeutics, according to Citron, is the largest privately-held PBM in the United States, as well as a thought leader in pharmacy benefit management strategies.

In this article out of all other articles, CITRON appeared to lose credibility. In this article, CITRON basically said that Acthar Gel is useless. Previously, Questcor was never attacked on its veracity regarding the great results from Acthar. To recap:

- Questcor was attacked on aggressive advertisement practices and inflating the price of a prescription, which could still be true since there is a government investigation.

- Questcor was attacked when Aetna made its reimbursement policies of Acthar much more restrictive, thus hinting that other insurance providers would drop coverage of Acthar.

Until 05 December 2012, there was little contention that Acthar Gel worked as a secondary treatment. However, after CITRON published the article, the stock was not affected much at the end of the day, which showed that investors did not buy into the article. Maybe investors, like myself, trusted that doctors who have been prescribing Acthar are not complete morons fooled by sinister Questcor. To buy into CITRON's article would be flat out saying that these doctors are all idiots. Perhaps CITRON was getting desperate by directly attacking the affects of Acthar itself and the intelligence/integrity of doctors prescribing Acthar.

CITRON lost credibility evinced by its own article and the lack of change in the stock price. This is especially encouraging because this shows that QCOR is now much more impervious to baseless short attacks, and QCOR investors can simply rely on the fundamentals of the company and hopefully be present for the steady rise in share price.

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