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Subject:  Re: You all do know that 'natural' peanut butter Date:  12/18/2012  12:22 PM
Author:  legalwordwarrior Number:  57461 of 58955

Sorry if I offended you by my paleo reference, LWW--and I am truly happy for your remarkable results. But I firmly believe that even though you aren't officially counting calories in your paleo diet, the elimination of whole groups of food has caused you, nonetheless, to eat fewer calories. So, imo you are reducing calories whether or not you are counting them.

Not offended at all. Just noting that you don't have to actually count the calories when the food you eat is nutritionally dense. I agree that my calorie consumption ois bound to be down, as there are no empty calories in the diet. But it does explain why people have much better results with low carb and paleo. You eat enough not to feel hungry, even though the calorie concentration is significantly less.

My point is calories matter--calories always matter--whether you count them or not.

But they matter less to the person on the diet when you don't have to actively count them to keep on track.

down another lb this week :0)
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