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Subject:  Social Security- Under 40? get to work! Date:  12/18/2012  6:12 PM
Author:  SkepikI Number:  411672 of 535357

The diminishing number of workers supporting the SS creakily (or maybe creepily) over-leveraged securities fraud really just means if you are under 40 you need to work harder. This is what I tell all my children and friends children. There just is not enough work going on for 2 of you to support one of us. Used to be somewhere about 5 of us supported our folks SS payments, depending on which year you looked at, and it was managed with mmm only about the draconian rate of 12.4%. So at 2 to 1, allowing for higher unemployment and a certain degeneration of work ethic, it should only be about say 40%. Add to that 40% for state and federal, etc, you should be able to get by sending 80% of your paychecks to us greedy geezers, so GET TO WORK! Otherwise you will end up starving our grandchildren and we cant have that.

I figure the revolution comes somewhere near 2030 as those of you that are 40 turn 58 or 59 and suddenly discover you have to live to 101 to retire....
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