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Subject:  Re: oehner’s Plan B raises taxes on poor Date:  12/20/2012  12:23 PM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  46962 of 118823

I wonder what the schools are like in Boehner's district? If people keep voting for this $hit, they must be really bad at 3rd grade arithmetic.


Interstingly enough, my neighbor, John, came over with a car charger which cycles on and off while I am gone for so long. I didn't even think about getting something like this.

Anyhoo, we got into a discussion of my daughter Heather since she works as a math teacher in Panama (and that is where I am going). She complains about how ill equipped the students are for even middle school math. John said they don't teach basic math any more. His 15 year old grandson cannot figure out how to calculate change when buying something. John said McDonald's is the company who came up with the cash registers that automatically figure change because they couldn't find low wage workers who even know how to do that.

John said just try this some time. Give a clerk a wide variety of bills and coins for a purchase and watch how that clerk cannot count it all up properly. I rather think he is mistaken about ALL clerks, but I bet he is right about quite a few.

And one more thing: John is a die hard Republican in a die hard Republican district that voted for moron Paul "Pits of Hell" Broun.
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