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Subject:  Re: morningstar fixed income fund managers of ye Date:  12/20/2012  3:06 PM
Author:  globalist2013 Number:  34565 of 35576

I read the article to find the "safest" one maybe SCPZX? Not sure I would invest in any of them if I was looking for security.

"Safest" or "most secure" is in the eye of the beholder. As the linked chart;range=... suggests (in which the five bond funds are plotted against a common, broad-market, equity index), all of them were steadier in their upward path than the SP500, raising the perennial question, "Do you want to eat well, or sleep well?"

It is simplicity itself to download historical data for all six and then calculate Standard Deviations and then --using STD as an imperfect and flawed estimate of 'risk'-- to calculate the risk-adjusted returns for each. My guess --and this is just a guess at this point-- is that the five bond funds were far less "speculative" than the broad-market equity index and achieved far better risk-adjusted returns, which is as good a definition as any of "safer" or "more secure".

So, yeah, the five did well, just as has nearly any bond fund (or bond investor) has done well over the last 30 years. Whether that performance will persist is a whole 'nother m