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Subject:  Re: oehner’s Plan B raises taxes on poor Date:  12/20/2012  6:22 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  46971 of 116911

The adjustment is $10/a month after 20 years in the future.

From NPR..."Ydstie offers an example of someone earning $1,000 annually from Social Security. If inflation under the current measure was 2 percent last year, he says, that person's Social Security payment next year would be $1,020.
"But, under the new chained CPI, your benefit next year would be $1,017 a month — $3 less. "

More like $10 less/month after 3 years, and that's for a below-average SS benefit--the hit would be higher for most people. Maybe $100 less after 20 years, or more. And even more for couples.

I know that to you, SS is just providing some of the extras in life. But to 1/3 of seniors, it's 90% or more of their income, and to 2/3, it's over 50%.

My mother just had her broken crown glued together rather than get a new one, which costs $850. On a monthly income of $3000 (half SS), she needs to save for a while to pay for it. And her income is more than most;re saying it;s OK to cost them a crown equivalent in their 80s. Every year.

You might just have to give up one of your dogs.

We don't own pets. Or have $10 extra in any budget category that we care to donate to keep rich peoples' taxes at a Romneyesque 14%.

alstro:"Boehner's Medicare voucher plan will also heavily penalize seniors whose health is worse than average.
That was Ryan's plan "

I know. I also know Boehner supported it during the campagin. While he's cagey and not admitting to that position now, I don't doubt that's where he wants to go.

and was likely the BEST solution for the Medicare problem that will bankrupt the country in 20-30 years.

Leaving seniors with health problems unable to afford insurance is the best solution--in America, the exceptional? I don't think so!

Your solution? Tax the middle class working folks even more? Say another 1/3rd more tax?

Yeah. Let's go from 1.45% to at least 2% on the employer and employee sides to cover medical advances. Should've done it decades ago and we wouldn't be in this pickle.
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