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Subject:  Re: oehner’s Plan B raises taxes on poor Date:  12/20/2012  8:21 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  46978 of 117508

alstro:"I know that to you, SS is just providing some of the extras in life. But to 1/3 of seniors, it's 90% or more of their income, and to 2/3, it's over 50%."

Then maybe you can explain why Obama and his fed have been pushing down the value of the dollar, year after year, INTENTIONALLY, by printing trillions of extra dollars?

Maybe you can explain, if money is so important to those seniors as in 'pourchasing power' , why Obama and the lib dems have driven the value of the dollar so low that oil, in dollar terms, has gone from $10 to $100 a barrel (Brent Crude price) in 20 years. Where his policies have driven up the price of food at the store by 50% in just two years.

Does he really want to starve the seniors?

We're talking 50% more food costs and your whining about a $3 drop in SS payments after a couple years, when real food inflation is 15% a year? And the price of oil has 'skyrocketed' and Obama has yet to skyrocket your utility bills. Remember his promise!...

You think he really has your interest at heart? Heck no.


ANd as to seniors....oh know that there are a lot of seniors racking up $50,000 a year in SS payments as a couple?

HEck, if I had waiting till 66 1/3rd to get my 'full SS', I'd be collecting well over $25,000 a year!.....and if I were married to someone who had earned equally well - we'd be collecting almost 55K a year in benefits. ANd if we waited till 68 or 70, it would be about $70K plus a year...oh, poverty!

So when you whine that half the folks depend on SS for 90% of their income, I laugh at you!.....

yeah.....that's a sad statement, seeing that at least half of all people retiring before 1990 or so had pensions....before the goverment changed the laws and made it tough for companies to keep pension plans and most switched instantly to 401K plans......

More good planning at tax grabs by the fed......that has backfired on them...... and now the pensions are ended.....and the folks only have SS.... thank you BIg government..


ALstro:"My mother just had her broken crown glued together rather than get a new one, which costs $850. On a monthly income of $3000 (half SS), she needs to save for a while to pay for it."'d think by now that she would set aside a few dollars each month in a rainy day account.

Half the folks in FL live on less than $27,000 a year. SO? or maybe she should sell a gold necklace. I dunno.

But you really think that 3 dollars a month is going to make a difference to her? and her $850 crown?


alstro:" And her income is more than most;re saying it;s OK to cost them a crown equivalent in their 80s. Every year."

Wow...we're talking 3 bucks a month....36 a year..gimme a break...

No rainy day fund for her?

No kids willing to cough up $850 as a christmas present? The one whose got a fat gov't pension for years of service plus a hubby going to get a nice pension from academia?


alstro: We don't own pets. Or have $10 extra in any budget category that we care to donate to keep rich peoples' taxes at a Romneyesque 14%."

In other words, you think you are entitled to take money from other folks pockets for your needs.....? a typical lib.

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