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Subject:  The Year of Shadowrun Date:  12/21/2012  11:44 AM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  2728 of 2883

I'm a big fan of the IP from way back, and it's had a bit of a renaissance this year, partially powered by Kickstarter-funded PC games Shadowrun Returns (by the original creators' new company) and Shadowrun Online. Some great news yesterday, announcements for a new edition of the tabletop RPG rules but more exciting (IMO) are the board/card games.

Shadowrun: Crossfire is a cooperative deck-building card game for two to four players set in the gritty, cyberpunk fantasy world of Shadowrun. Play a shadowrunner team and take on tough jobs such as protecting a client who’s marked for death, shooting your way out of downtown when a run goes sour, or facing down a dragon. In each game you’ll improve your deck with a mix of strategies while earning Karma to give your character cyber upgrades, physical augmentations, magical initiations, weapons training and Edge.

Shadowrun: Crossfire includes an obstacle deck, black market deck, race and role cards, scenario cards, augmentation stickers, and personal missions that test a team’s allegiances.

“We designed Crossfire to take deck-building games to a new level, by combining RPG elements with cooperative gameplay,” said co-designer Mike Elliott. “The result is a challenging game system that keeps evolving.”

Sprawl Gangers is a competitive, skirmish-level miniatures game for 2 players, with everything needed to game right in the box. Players will take on the task of building gangs (Ancients, Halloweeners, First Nation, and so on) following specific point values of a scenario, and modifying the various miniatures based upon what new resources (weapons/gear/magic/tech) a player gained through previous games. Gangs won’t simply fight for the sake of fighting, but will actively building their turfs and resources. Among other things, this will allow for the hiring of the exact right shadowrunner when they need that ace in the hole. All this adds up to the experience of watching your gang grow and expand through exciting play across a swath of games.

Sprawl Gangers will be sculpted and manufactured in conjunction with CoolMiniOrNot, who have run three of the most successful miniatures game Kickstarter projects to date: Zombicide, Relic Knights, and Sedition Wars.

“We could not be more excited to be a part of this new facet of Shadowrun. When we initially started talking about the possibility of doing a Shadowrun miniatures game with Catalyst, I personally jumped for joy. We have some big fans of Shadowrun in the Cool Mini family; so you know Sprawl Gangers will be receiving some major blood, sweat and tears from our staff. Old and new Shadowrun fans alike would do well to expect great things from Sprawl Gangers,” said Kevin Clark, Director of Research and Development at Cool Mini Or Not.

In Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover [Euro-style board game], players assume the role of megacorporations attempting to assert dominance over the city of Seattle.

Hostile Takeover is a game of intrigue, shifting alliances, and secretive schemes in the most famous futuristic megaplex of Shadowrun’s Sixth World. The most wealthy and influential megacorps of the city contend for dominance of Seattle, and they use shady dealings and deniable assets to wage a war in the shadows for supremacy.

“Games such as Lords of Waterdeep have shown you can take elegant Eurogame mechanics and wed them with an immersive world to create a wonderful tabletop experience,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “Shadowrun is a universe that screams for a host of board games to expand player’s enjoyment of visiting the Sixth World often. Pairing up award-winning designers with Shadowrun is going to be a fantastic combination.”

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