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Subject:  Re: American Beauty - ideal MOOTFL film? Date:  12/21/2012  1:23 PM
Author:  GMickeyB3 Number:  5773 of 5817

Not sure if you'll get this, it has been over a decade since your post. I just had an indepth conversation about "Your Money or Your Life" and Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" with a friend who is struggling financially. That conversation re-energized an effort to finally search for an official connection between the book and the movie. That's why I came across your post. I was excited to see something pop up on my Google search and even more excited seeing it was on!

The very first time I saw the movie, I pointed the book out to all that were with me in the theatre and every viewing since. The book is on the passanger seat, half buried under stuff including the gun. It's during the "I am not a victim" self help tapes s