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Subject:  Re: Returning to Wow Date:  12/25/2012  3:31 PM
Author:  AdvocatusDiaboli Number:  34992 of 37101

I have not played WoW for many years now, but back in the day I was a member of high level raiding guild for a while, this was at the time of BC when the game was still hard.

It wasn't so much that BC was hard - the boss encounters in BC, on average, where certainly less hard than the hard mode bosses in WOTLK. The thing with BC was that the trash respawn mechanic in BC was like a sadistic anti-addiction program, designed to test just how much pain and suffering the addicts could take before they got weaned off of their WOW-addiction.
45 minute respawns on trash that takes between 30-45 minutes to clear (if you have practiced it). WHO TF THOUGHT THAT WAS A FUN IDEA?
BC wasn't HARDER thank other expansions, it just made you suffer. A LOT.
I was GM of a hardcore raiding guild in TBC (3rd/4th on the server), and I've never forgiven Blizzard for the trash respawns and the idiotic BT/MH attunement system in TBC.
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