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Subject:  Re: Possibly poking a hornets' nest Date:  12/26/2012  11:59 AM
Author:  XMFBreakerTinker Number:  15005 of 16107

Look, I just moved. I hadn't been out on a bike in months. I decided to put the cleats on and take a 30 minute ride as a start back. I couldn't find my helmet or sunglasses as they were still packed away somewhere. So I CHOSE to take the 10 mile ride, in traffic, up and down rolling hills, without the helmet instead of not taking the ride.

My choice. Had I found my helmet I would have worn it.

I missed my sunglasses. I really did not miss my helmet. But I was most concerned with some object flying into my eye and causing real damage (not unheard of) and the tearing in my eyes.

As for the helmet, I really did not notice a difference between having it on or not having it on, other than people think its weird these days not wearing helmet, and my hair might have looked good (albeit no whistle from any passing appreciator of same).

Point being, it is MY CHOICE. Point also being, there was no appreciable difference between wearing or not wearing the helmet in regard to effort, coolness, comfort, or sensation. It was all the same. Last point being, it was my cycling glasses that I did really miss.

The PR campaign for helmets, and the pros using helmets, and the ethic of helmets that is embedded in the culture now is far more persuasive than any law, and almost everyone wears helmets nowadays, just because it is weird not to.

So can the law on it for adults, and go ride. We are almost unanimously going to wear them w out a law. And hark, I did find my helmet and glasses just a few boxes over. I will wear them every other time I go for a ride. But I am very glad it was my choice to take that little ride without having to be a law breaker as well. I needed it after being sick for weeks (still a bit sick), and being just before Christmas was just the tonic I needed to get revved back up.

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