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Subject:  Re: Hybrid lawsuit Date:  12/29/2012  8:57 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  17308 of 18388

I remember that case.

The 2006 Civic Hybrid is rated 42 combined, 42/40/45. That's different than the original sticker, as most cars that age were adjusted later on for comparison purposes. The new model is rated 44 across the board. My guess is most achieve 38 or so.

I've never known anyone that got much over high 30's. Our 2007 Camry Hybrid is rated 34/33/34, which is lower than the sticker said when new, as most cars has their epa ratings adjusted downward at one point. I have no problem achieving 36-40 or so in it. Except for a Rav4 I once owned, I've always found their estimates to be spot on. However, as with anything, there are those people that stomp on it and complain ;)

I've driven enough hybrids and normal cars to know how to get decent mileage. Whenever I see folks accelerating towards a red light or stop sign, stomping on it when green, or constantly varying their speed, I know their mileage is lower. With hybrids, it's all about having a lighter foot while underway. In the winter, the warming up process also reduces mileage, even more so than normal cars.

But I do this in my own car. When I'm at 75, My foot relaxes a bit just to maintain it. Around town, I coast towards stop lights, pull away steady but moderately, etc... It's not hard. Some cars though, you'll never get the published mileage no matter what you do.

The new Fusion Hybrid, and the normal gas engines are great cars from everything I've read. I found the new epa ratings to be so high, I wondered. But when looking at cars that cost upwards of $30,000 and more, I wonder how important gas mileage can be? lol
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