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Subject:  Re: Arming the teachers? Date:  12/30/2012  6:47 PM
Author:  clearbranch Number:  9821 of 9954

When I was in law enforcement (8years) I used to work off duty at the local school basketball games. I remember how unnerving it was for me to look up into a crowd of hundreds of students/parents in the stands and wonder what I would do if someone stood up and started shooting from the stands. I'm glad I never had to make that choice.

In a school campus setting, I would prefer a shotgun with slugs only. It was always my go to weapon of choice when I had a few seconds to grab it first.

It is far more accurate (100 yards plus) and deadly than the Glock 10mm pistol I carried. I would trust it to pick someone out of a crowd if no one was behind the person targeted.

A shotgun would be safer in a classroom setting also. It could be locked in a rack on the wall that only I could access by combination (like the rack in my patrol car) A lot safer than a pistol that could be taken away or dropped in class.

I don't know law enforcement officers than have been at it awhile that haven't left their gun belt in a bathroom stall, at home, at the station or other embarrassing place. This would not be too amusing if it happened at school where a child could find it.

In the USMC I was at a Marine Barracks duty station where guns were with us always. There were numerous accidents... holes blown in guard shack roofs, a .45 slug landing in the center of the commanding officer's desk, guards accidentally shooting people when challenging visitors..... it happens.

Anyway, there are a lot of factors that should be thought out before guns are allowed in schools. I don't the it lightly but would welcome the responsibility and opportunity to take better care of my students if need be. That is not to say I haven't made other plans using more mundane resources/tools that could be deadly if needed. I would rather be trusted with a shotgun than a hammer or rock if the time ever comes to face the ever more likely possibility of an angry students or parent armed to the teeth entering my building. I would fight to the death either way for my students to have a chance at life.
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