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Subject:  Re: You have the government you deserve Date:  12/30/2012  9:43 PM
Author:  Umm Number:  1849792 of 2204360

"Lots of whining about the inability to come to a deal. Lots of complaints about who's to blame, time off, this that.",/i>

Yes you have done lots of whining.

"You people who have refused to do anything along the lines of discussing solutions - yes, you PA libs - have gotten the gridlock and the inactivity you deserve."

PA libs? LOL it is aways so funny to see the fantasies that the nutjob echo chmaber comes up with.

I know facts have a way of being misrepresented in Dopeworld, but the fact of the matter is that the President, the Democratic Senate, and the Republican Speaker of the House spent much of the last two years discussing solutions and actually came to agreement a couple of times on solutions.

Unfortunately the extreme wing of the Republican party refused to be part of those solutions.

You can pretend otherwise, but those are simple facts. Ignoring those facts just makes you look silly.

"You spent two years calling anybody who wanted to bring federal spending in line a 'teabagger'."

See this is why you have no credibility left of this subject. You are so dishonest about your opponents and their positions. There are plenty of people who want to get federal spending in line who were never ever called anything resembling a teabagger.

Do you think Richieds has ever been called a teabagger? How about Peter? How about Felix? How about myself? All of us want more responsible federal spending yet have never been called teabaggers.

"Well, guess what? Stupid name calling doesn't make Uncle Sam magically balance his budget."

Neither does pouting and throwing a tantrum unless you get everything you want.

Hope you enjoy those sour grapes.

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