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Subject:  Fiscal Cliff Facts Date:  12/31/2012  9:21 AM
Author:  2828 Number:  662948 of 875664

1. A week ago, according to Salon Magazine, the President told John Boehner during fiscal cliff negotiations, that "You get nothing."

2. The Bush Tax Cuts -- which Democrats have fought for a decade -- are suddenly critical to the survival of the Republic (hypocrisy much?).

3. Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget for nearly four years, an act unprecedented in modern American history.

4. President Obama's budgets have failed to receive a single Democrat vote.

5. Republicans have passed four (4) budgets this year, all of which were defeated in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

6. The recommendations of the President's own bi-partisan deficit commission, which contained a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts, were -- in the words of Democrat commission member Erskine Bowles -- "scuttled" by Barack Obama.

This entire situation belongs in the lap of Barack Obama.
It belongs in the lap of Obama, but i doubt that's where it'll end up.

I find it humorous he gave that little press conference without taking questions and said NOW is the time to act for congress because the american public, who sit around their collective dinner tables working budgets all the time are astounded at the inaction, the very same people who he said bitterly cling to guns and religion cuz they don't think too gud.
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