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Subject:  Re: An interesting, possibly growing List Date:  12/31/2012  11:12 AM
Author:  steve203 Number:  412417 of 538880

I was just kidding!

I thought you were a Hippie. ;-)

If everyone worked in mainstream retail for several years, like I did, they would realise what horrendous chiselers USians are.

I'm not talking about straight up shoplifters, who pinch merchandise and sell it on the street, or the brassier ones that take stuff off the shelf, bring it up to the counter and demand a refund. Nor the ones that buy stuff with a check, then demand a cash refund before the check bounces.

I'm not talking about the sort that buys stuff, then takes the new item out of the box, puts some old piece of junk in the box for ballast, then goes back to the store with the new box and their receipt and demands a refund, hoping the clerk doesn't look inside the box.

I'm not even talking about the ones that buy something when it's on sale, then, after the sale is over, ditch the receipt and demand a refund of the full retail price.

I'm talking about the chiselers who use retail stores as free rental services. They buy a camcorder, then go on a vacation, and refund the camcorder when their vacation is over. They buy a stereo a couple days before New Year, and after their New Year party is over, refund the stereo. They buy a half dozen office telephones, then, when their telemarketing contract is complete, refund the phones. People that buy particle board "ready to assemble" furniture, then say "you displayed the fully assembled desk, not a pile of parts, you need to build this for me for free". People who buy stuff just to play with it for a couple weeks, then refund it and buy something else, play with it for a couple weeks, then refund it and buy something else....over and over.

People in that last group would be insulted if you called them crooks. They think they are entitled to do what they are doing. They throw a hissy fit if you refuse to refund the item or charge a restocking fee. The reality is they are cheating the store just as surely as the shoplifter.

The same goes for the chiselers who demand government services, and demand the services be free, and refuse to pay tax to cover the cost of the services they demand.

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