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Subject:  Re: Hybrid lawsuit Date:  1/1/2013  11:20 PM
Author:  TMFThump Number:  17315 of 18388


Your point about driving habits affecting fuel economy is at the heart of the controversy over seemingly unachievable MPG ratings. People tend to think of their own driving habits as "normal" but a good number of common sense driving tips are not really all that common. One you mentioned that I often observe being overlooked is how to approach traffic signals.

I have three driving age children between 18 and 22. All of them, and another one I will not mention in the interests of extending 28 years of bliss, have a habit that drives me crazy. They simply don't observe events more than a few hundred feet in front of them that should cause them to adjust their rate of speed. Most common of those is noting traffic signals in front of them. They will routinely drive up within a very short distance of the light and have to brake more heavily than would have been required (if at all) had they slowed their rate of speed in anticipation of maintaining a steady pace.

One of the things that can help drivers to better anticipate events is driving a manual transmission. After a few occasions of being embarrassed by stalling the engine at a traffic light, beginning drivers quickly learn that it is much easier if you're able to keep the car moving. Eventually it becomes a habit that transfers to whatever type of vehicle or transmission you operate, and it saves fuel.

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