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Subject:  Re: Hybrid lawsuit Date:  1/2/2013  6:51 AM
Author:  HMALETTER Number:  17316 of 18220

Doug, thanks for the great response. (and the subtle humor. I know of what you speak) ;) Congrats on 28 years of bliss.

Agree 100% with the stop signal driving. My young daughter's first car is a 2002 Chevy Prism, aka Toyota Corolla. When she told me she averaged 25 mpg or so, I wondered what the heck was wrong. Yup. Stomp and start :)

I routinely see people driving on my bumper ahead of a stop. I coast at a decent speed, no gas applied. I'd imagine they lose a good 2-4 mpg driving that way, when a simple look ahead through my windshield or over the top could see a stop is imminent. Even with a huge semi ahead of me, many people don't seem to look at any