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Subject:  Re: EPA Regulatory Agenda Date:  1/3/2013  10:46 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  415548 of 457081

If Bumbler Bush could manage to squeeze his Brownies into every nook & cranny of guv'mt, then why can't super-intellect Obama manage to do the same?

Short answer: There are fewer nooks and crannies. Republicans held up Clinton appointments, which kept a lot of top slots open. Lower slots weren't filled until the top slots were except oops, they couldn't get confirmed. All that changes in 2001, of course, with a Republican Prez and Republican Congress.

More than that, during the period 2001-2009 the KIND of person appointed was different. Where before they might have been competent and moderate, the Bush White House (and its appointees were extreme hard liners (just look at the number of DoJ appointees from Right Wing Religious Whacko "Law Schools") who