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Subject:  Re: Genomic Health's health Date:  1/3/2013  4:07 PM
Author:  globalist2013 Number:  260113 of 278300


You're an unending wealth of info, and your willingness to do your homework is what makes you the fat money you earn in markets.

No, I didn't even know there was a Nissan app. I do have several versions of the program Morris and North collaborated on, CandlePower. It isn't free, and its DOS-based roots show through. But the underlying programing is solid. Whether money could be made with it is a whole 'nother matter and something I've never gotten serious about. Ditto MetaStock. I've got the program and tinker with it from time to time. But my real focus the past twelve years has been bonds, and nothing but bonds, hundreds of positions that have done well for me. But the opportunities for investors in that market have been winding down. Hence, my need to get a new gig going and the reason I've been looking at the other usual suspects, stocks, ETFs, currencies, commodities, but not options, because I don't like the game. I broke even on an experiment I ran last summer. But I'd just as soon avoid them the rest of my life as being an unnecessary complication.

There's 80-100 some traditionally recognized candle patterns that are traditionally are divided into two groups: those that predict reversals and those that confirm continuations. Many of the patterns occur very infrequently, and almost none of them have a better "reliability" than a coin-flip when tested across large data bases. However, when conditions are right, e.g., a Doji on light volume occurring at what looks to be be an orderly downtrend, probabilities become good that prices will reverse, because the sellers have finished their selling. Ditto Dojis at trend tops on light volume for the same sorts of reasons, both of which have their explanation in the "Action-Reaction, Thrust and Parry" that market players are constantly doing that investors --to their harm- don't pay attention to.

I don't use the Nija platform. In fact, I avoid it. In its early day,s I used it and found it to be buggy. If I need a simple order-entry front-end, there's more reliable ones out there for which I have a license. If I need an analysis program, I've got others: AmiBroker, OmniTrader, MetaStock, CandlePower, plus, of course, Excel, which is plenty enough to create and implement a trading program.

Don't get overwhelmed by the variety of candle patterns. Six to ten setups is all you need to capture 95% of the effectiveness of the method. Let me run some errands, and I'll PM you whatever I have that might be worth looking at.

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