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Subject:  Re: killer CFL bulbs hazard? Date:  1/3/2013  9:45 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  47200 of 117712

It says they match the light spectrum of the sun. Does that mean it also matches the Sun's UV rays?

That's a good question and it points out why I always warn, "Beware of science by press release". Do they mean the spectrum of the sun in space? or on earth under the atmosphere and Van Allen belts?

I had to search for one of their technical papers to get an answer. In this paper ( Figure 2e shows the actual spectrum from their device for one specific electric field and one specific frequency of stimulation. Clearly the spectrum does not include anything but noise below about 475 nm. Ultra violet ranges from about 10 to about 400 nm, so this device would not appear to produce in that part of the spectrum.

But I'm still not holding my breath for this lighting solution to become available. Growing multiple complex heterostructures with nano tube doping is not exactly a low cost or high volume procedure today. Also notice that the power supply needs to be at about 80 kHz. So these bulbs would require conversion from 120 V to about 20 V and from 60 Hz to 80 kHz before standard power lines could be used to power them.
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