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Subject:  Re: EPA Regulatory Agenda Date:  1/3/2013  9:53 PM
Author:  rmhj Number:  415573 of 507883

If Bumbler Bush could manage to squeeze his Brownies into every nook & cranny of guv'mt, then why can't super-intellect Obama manage to do the same?

The issue is not whether Obama can get them in or not so much as can he root out or rout the large majority of the obstacles?

The people that should be in those positions should have administrative capacities and usually environmental expertise with modestly specialized knowledge of their areas. The people that should not be in these positions only need to be capable of obstruction, using their powers to sabotage. This can be done in a variety of ways, legal and illegal, and is typically a lot easier. When these people are stooges for the industries that they are supposed to regulate, they can be incredibly obstructive by keeping industry and lobbyists informed of goings on; the industry and lobbyists can work with industry to get any perceived threats neutered.

People who shouldn't be there can often count on industry to reward them handsomely should they be ousted from their jobs. People who should be often have much less attractive options.

Finally, when push comes to shove, hookers and blow can be very effective in corrupting, blackmailing, or otherwise effectively neutralizing competent employees.

It's highly asymmetric.

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