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Subject:  Christmas game bonanza Date:  1/4/2013  3:23 PM
Author:  psuasskicker6 Number:  34995 of 36713

I got four so far, and I haven't exchanged gifts with my brother yet who went traveling abroad so maybe there will be more. Some initial thoughts:

[PC] COD Black Ops 2 - Well, it installed on my machine okay. So far I haven't played it, but this is basically exclusively for multi-player.

[PS3] Assassin's Creed III - I've only gone through maybe an hour or two of this, still sort of going through the tutorials and learning the controls. I haven't played the others, but it's pretty decent so far.

[PC] Dishonored - I'm through maybe five hours or so of this. It's probably a perfect game for me. Some killing, mostly sneaking and puzzle/mystery solving. This game is brilliant.

It's FPS in an olden-city environment, though there are some mech aspects where technology seems to be ahead of the time in which it takes place. You have a knife in one hand, and a gun/crossbow in the other, or use special abilities/magic against your enemies.

The game is extremely well executed in every aspect except graphics. My PC is only a couple months old and has mostly new components, so it's not a limiter, the graphics are just pretty poor compared to some of the games out there like BF3. But the gameplay is so much fun that it's very easy to get over quickly. The powers you can have are very inventive. And the design of