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Subject:  Re: Has anyone found good, bright CFL bulbs? Date:  1/4/2013  8:32 PM
Author:  pedorrero Number:  870160 of 902421

I have a serious answer to OP's question. Like many of my schemes it technically works but there are gotcha's.

Months ago, I bought an e-reader. I wanted to use it in bed, by the light of a table lamp. With a CFL, the light was inadequate. Based on my market research, higher output CFL are not available. Ah, but wait, there is something that does put out more light...a metal halide bulb.

If you do some comparisons, the efficiency of a halide and a CFL are similar. However, a halide can put out about 300 "tunsten equivalent" lumens.

The gotcha is a big one: metal halides are not a screw-in replacement for the normal incandescent or CFL. They require a special ballast, similar to flourescent bulbs (or CFL for that matter -- which have it build-in to the base). Most halides are sold with a fixture and are designed for use in ceiling, outside, etc.

My solution was to find a bulb size that would work in my beside lamp. Then I purchased a ceiling mount unit that includes the bulb and the ballast. I took an old extension cord and wired the fixture so that it can plug into outlet and the table lamp. It is switched by a wall switch. Based on limited tests you do NOT want to use the lamp's switch!!!

One downside is cost. All the above will cost you $70 or more. Also there are risks if you plug things in wrong. But the end result is very bright, pleasant white light.
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