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Subject:  Re: Christmas game bonanza Date:  1/5/2013  1:04 AM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  35000 of 37101

Dishonored - I'm through maybe five hours or so of this. It's probably a perfect game for me. Some killing, mostly sneaking and puzzle/mystery solving. This game is brilliant.

It's FPS in an olden-city environment, though there are some mech aspects where technology seems to be ahead of the time in which it takes place. You have a knife in one hand, and a gun/crossbow in the other, or use special abilities/magic against your enemies.

What I've read and seen sounds like it'd be up my alley as well (a little Assassin's Creed meets Bioshock meets Thief), but something about the theme/feel turns me off a bit. The weird mask and the possession and the "imbued with dark powers" and revenge angle just feels like it hugs the "anti" part of "antihero" too closely for my taste (I pretty much play Lightside/Paragon/Good-guy in every game I play - I think I got about halfway through a Renegade playthrough of Mass Effect back before ME2 came out, that's pretty much it). How prevalent is that whole side of it in the overall feel and the details/story?

Borderlands 2
Also, the vehicles, at least now, are very OP.

If it's like the first one (which I did play solo all the way through plus two of the DLCs), there's a massive XP difference when on-foot vs. in-car. To me, the cars were there to give you a bail-out or an easy-button when you needed it, but you were going to level up verrrry slowly if you just went around using it for everything.

If you're familiar with the first, I love what they've done in the second. It's not wholesale changes, but there are enough tweaks to really make the game more fun.
And they have a new Badass Rank system where you complete side-challenges (deal X burn damage, kill Y enemies with a vehicle, etc...there are seemingly hundreds) in order to redeem tokens which increase various aspects of your character's abilities. You can now use fast-travel to get places.

The first had the challenges but they were just worth generic XP that would speed your leveling. How's the token-redeeming thing work that makes it functionally different? And the first had fast-travel once you fixed the system as part of Act 1 - or does the second change how it works, like it's fast-travel from anywhere rather than having to reach a "station" first?

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