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Subject:  Re: Cashing In On A Massacre Date:  1/5/2013  10:14 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  664337 of 794449

I disagree. Republicans blew it by having horrible policies. The Bush tax cuts and Bush's wars were such huge talking points because spending increased under Bush and we started running large deficits. If we had contained spending, it would not have been nearly as big an issue. And don't get me started on the Medicare prescription benefit.

You got me wrong if you think I said Republicans ahd good policies, they merely had better policies

They need to be out screaming from the rooftops that say Plan B?? That was what we did because the Dems wanted something bigger and more expenisve and they need to say it until it becomes known, Dems tell lies and repeat them until they are true, I am only asking Republicans to repeat truth until it becomes true

Republicans need to get out there and put Clinton as God on display and scream Clinton agreed with the actions on IRaq and Obama agreed on the action in Afghanistan only made it bigger.

DO I wish there was a party that was right as opposoed to less wrong ? Absolutely

DO I think the party that was more wrong should be in power because the guys who were and are less wrong made mistakes?? ????

The less wrong party needs to be in power regularly. Then the more wrong party will st