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Subject:  Re: cahs for clunkers - disaster of a program Date:  1/6/2013  10:09 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47221 of 117406

"Is that dissimilar to mining/grazing/big ag/big pharma subsidies, huge military-industry contracts, investment banking bailouts"

You mean like ethanol subsidies to reward the backers of Obama and the lib dems? YES

You mean like wind subsidies to reward the backers of Obama and the lib dems? YES

Big Ag? You mean like the Hollywood moguls who own millions of acres of land? And collect giant payments for not growing things? Or millions for 'conservation set asides - ie, not growing anything or raising any meat' - just letting 'wild' animals roam?....YES...

You mean like employing tens of millions of people in high tech defense industry , one of the biggest exporters of American products - tens of billions of dollars of high tech airplanes, vehicles, drones? Where foreign buyers pay us and the balance of payments is reduced? of course, YES.......

You mean like the people and companies that brought you drones and spy satellites and everything else, to keep you safe, reduce the number of casualties in combat, and still find and kill the terrorists before they find us again ala 9-11? YES...

The only thing 'cash for clunkers' did - well it did several things:

1) rewarded the UNION pension plans and gold plated benefit plans...

2) Sold a few foreign label cars - more of them than US made cars

3) Ran up the price of used cars by a thousand or more each

4) Ran up the price of spare parts for used cars - or forced many of them, perfectly OK other than needing replacement parts, like a transmission or engine from a car accident type hundreds or thousands of dollars...and forced owners to have to buy other clunkier used cars since that is all they can afford.

5) didn't reduce the pollution of the vehicle fleet and may have actually increased it due to even older clunkers having to be on the road since the 'newer clunkers' were crunched and destroyed....

FAce it....the lib dem utopian plan failed miserably.

My sister wanted to participate, but the the value of their used car increased so much it wasn't worth it....they would have lost money.....and their 'not so good' old clunker didn't qualify since it wasn't bad they sold it off at a good price to someone who couldn't afford a new car.....and it only got 18 mpg...but heck....that was a 'embarrassing inconvenient truth' about the clunker bill that was a clunker itself...and it will likely be on the road for another 10 years.

Owe-bama has kept tens of millions of really old clunkers on the road......since he drove up 'newer' used car prices or simply made them unavailable.

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