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Subject:  Re: Retirement, college, and Obamanomics Date:  1/6/2013  5:17 PM
Author:  Dwdonhoff Number:  71223 of 88502


You're the one claiming these IULs do all these great things. Fair enough. But since you're keeping the details secret, somebody else has to go looking for the particulars.
Nobody's kept *anything* secret... have you not read any of the threads on IULs that I have provided exhaustive broken-out explanations on?

Seriously... zero secrets. Whatever you don't understand, ask.

As I mentioned, since the top cap is variable based on unknown factors (but no less than 3%!) we can't make any reasonable estimate about future 30-year returns because we have no idea how they calculate the top cap.
Its not unknown, and we know what the caps are determined by (I've already explained it right in this very thread... please go read before stepping on yourself.)

My guess it is based on insurance company profits, but who knows?
Anybody knowledgable knows, pretty much exactly like every other asset class.

Again... zero secrets. Whatever you don't understand, ask.

I'd re-answer the questions you bring... but they're already answered by me and others *IN* this very thread, and others I know you've participated in... just scroll up!

As a rule of thumb if you have no idea how the terms of deal are calculated and the other party isn't willing to tell you...probably not a good deal for you.
Generally agree, and that principal applies pretty much universally.

HOWEVER, the lack of mechanical capability of understanding doesn't mean something doesn't actually work, nor that you can't benefit from it. You don't have to understand computer engineering to participate on TMF, for example.

Dave Donhoff
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