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Subject:  Re: Achoo! Date:  1/7/2013  12:23 AM
Author:  Art53 Number:  664795 of 876056

"Has anyone else had the cold/flu from hell? I've been sick since last Wednesday, and yesterday I wanted to die. And I DID have my flu shot right when JLC said to. I make a really lousy sick person. Whine." -

Eat lots of hot sauce. The hot sauce part will clear out your sinuses and the capsaicin will stimulate your brain to produce endorphins that will make you feel better. Eat hot peppers three times a day if you can. Seriously it will make you feel better.

Also take tylenol to help relieve fever and inflammation and drink hot tea because it has theophylline in it which dilates your sinuses and makes it easier to breath. Either black tea or green tea will work fine.

and drink plenty of liquids. Diet Coke used to make me feel better. The fizz and CO2 and caffeine sort of help rinse out the congestion (phlegm) back in your throat and the phosphoric acid helps lyse and kill bacteria and viruses. Bacteria don't grow well in an acidic environment and coke has a pH of like 3.4. The cold also helped the inflammation of my throat feel better.

When we had a sore throat my mom used to give us crushed ice with lemon and sugar on it. If you don't want the sugar use equal or some other artificial sweetener.

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