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Subject:  Re: Gun Self Defense Info Date:  1/7/2013  11:52 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  664917 of 875673

Back to your point, anyone who has worked with data and presenting the research has the problem of answering why some number is what it is. You can't jettison all the data as bad, though the Warmers seem to try.

Not that I can prove it, but one wonders how the numbers are "tweaked" in places like, oh, Detroit (a place known for rampant corruption and outright idiocy). I'd take any stats out of a place like that with a HUGE grain of salt. They don't even respond out to burglaries unless the burglar is on scene, how many people simply don't bother reporting them since the cops won't come out to take the report anyway? Lots I bet. Hell, I was rear-ended in a hit-and-run in Detroit and I didn't bother reporting it. I would have had to go to the station and tell them what I knew (which was very little, the other guy drove off in what was most certainly a stolen or borrowed car, didn't even get the plate), there was no damage to my car and nobody was hurt. I had better things to do than sit in a Detroit police precinct for hours (we were on our way to a dentist appointment, only got off the expressway because of construction), so I said eff it.

I'm sure the horrid crime stats coming out of Detroit are the tip of the iceberg. No doubt about it.
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