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Subject:  Re: cahs for clunkers - disaster of a program Date:  1/7/2013  12:53 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47227 of 116896

SG:"The article states that many Cars for clunkers were never sent to recycling facilities (many isn't a number. How many is important or this is just BS. The program provided for cars to be sent to recycling facilities for 180 days. Everything that could be recycled in that period of time was available for recycling. The government allowed the free market to determine how much opportunity to take of this 180 days and they made that choice. I looked for any kind of estimate about how much recycling of CARS trade-ins actually got recycled without success. So I don't know how much recycling actually got done, but I do know that car dealers had the option to recycle for 180 days before shredding.)"

The normal cycle for a car is to go to a junk yard, where high dollar items such as doors and hood and trunk deck, the transmission and drive train and accessories - radios, brakes, wheels, drive shaft - sit until someone has a need for a 1979 Jeep rear end for model XYZ. Obama insisted that you had 180 days to find a buyer or shred the car. You couldn't 'inventory' those parts.

You had to 'destroy' the car.

That ran up the price not only of used cars, but of used car parts and pieces.

Of course, that was the union's goal...force more people to buy new cars.....each one costing the energy equivalent of 1850 gallons of gasoline - about 40 barrels of oil -

Sort of like the 'stimulus' of breaking 1000 random windows in town to create jobs - that of fixing the broken windows.

Cash for Clunkers was nothing but porkulus for the auto industry. You got to buy your neighbor down the street a new car. With your tax money. And your grandkids will be paying off the money borrowed to do it too.

I"d call that an epic fail!

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