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Subject:  Re: cahs for clunkers - disaster of a program Date:  1/7/2013  3:38 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47232 of 73669

" CARS did require that the engines be destroyed by replacing the oil with sodium silicate. But that just trashes the block and the cylinders, and I'm pretty sure the scrap value of the much steel is worth salvaging to a recycler (as opposed to landfilling). Other parts like the transmission, alternator, AC compressors, etc. etc. and can still be salvaged and rebuilt or sold as used.

Also worth pointing out that if the price of used cars was driven up as the Teabaggers claim, then everyone who owns a used car (which is everybody who owns a car period) saw the value of their asset increase. Increasing the net worth of every car owner in America can't be all bad, can it?"


Well......yes, it could be.

In VA, the personal property tax is based upon the current value of your car. If all the used cars jumped 10-15%, that means people had to pay another 10-15% more each year in personal property tax.

Second, the engine and the water pump and the radiator was destroyed by the Cash For Clunkers program. Good parts that are often re-used ......

you don't get an efficiency gain. Remember it took 1850 gallons of gas just to make the new car. It would take 18 years for the average driver of a 20mpg clunker to just pay back the 'cost' of a new car.

There are tens of millions of perfect