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Subject:  Re: Perhaps lessons can be........nah! Date:  1/8/2013  10:51 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  665118 of 876043

Res" Better yet, set up a permanent rainy day fund that Dems would be prohibited from touching in the event they ever get in control of the Texas legislature. "

We got an emergency rainy day fund. The dems are now attempting to raid it to ramp up spending for education ....that we can't afford.

Just because we had a bump in revenues....doesn't mean we need to instantly spend it.

That's the dems....spend spend spend..and put programs in place that are impossible to cut once they go into effect.....then demand big tax increases to 'keep those critical programs' and 'avoid cuts to education'.

Sorry....I hope they really get squashed.

They're busy in Austin pleading to spend the 'surplus' .......they see money, they want to spend money. They have no concept of 'saving for a rainy day'.

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