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Subject:  Re: January ThyPeace Update Date:  1/9/2013  3:24 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  306682 of 310732


You wrote, You might consider moveable shelving/rack untis for that rear area (think along the lines of rolling shelves seen in law offices...they can either slide on a track or swing out on a hinge), especially if the width of that portion is too small to allow for clothes rods on each of the parallel walls (and still have space to walk in between. Also, putting cubby cubes along all walls up high at ceiling level will keep the floor space open and add lots of useful storage space.

I hadn't thought about making the shelving movable. I've also been in a few law offices and don't recall seeing anything like you describe; but then (with one exception) I don't know that I would have been shown where they store files and records. I'll have to look into that.

BTW, one thing that might complicate the design is that attic access is through that closet. Let me place that on my drawing:

    /---|  |-+
/ |
| |
| ++ +---+
| ++ |
| |

That could limit my ability to place some fixed storage since I have to be able to access the attic. However if storage were movable, that might solve the problem.

One complication though: When I replaced the carpet, I had the