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Subject:  Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/9/2013  4:00 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  665434 of 875700

(It's a PA board post, be forewarned!)

God didn't give you any rights; the constitution did.

BZZZT, wrong answer! The Constitution gives us no rights. Rather, the Constitution states which pre-existing rights we have which the government recognizes and won't infringe upon. For instance, in the Second Amendment it states:

"...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

It doesn't say, "We have created this right to keep and bear arms via this document which shall not be infringed." It clearly refers to a pre-existing right, one we'd have with or without the Constitution.

From whence to these rights come? God, our Creator, the birth of Western Civilization, what you believe is between you and your idea of creation. But what is important is that these are inherent rights we have as people, not rights that the government has given to us. That's an important distinction, because what the government gives the government can take away. But they have no power to legitimiately take away these rights (life, liberty, keep and bear arms, etc.) because they do not grant them to us, we possess them inherently. All they can do is deny us rights, and only if we give them the power to do so.

Our Founding Fathers didn't grant us these rights, they drafted a document that recognized them and tells the government they can't violate these pre-existing rights. In order to understand this you have to understand that there is a power greater than government... we all know libs are incapable of such a concept so they're incapable of understanding this entire debate.
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