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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/10/2013  9:40 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  665525 of 876333

Um:"Except you don't think we have the right to decide to live in a safer environment. You want to force everyone to live in a minefield." we outlaw all 'bad speech'. That would be a safer environment. Only news like Pravda......telling us how good everything is. Never report on crime, because, well, in a socialist paradise, crime doesn't happen. Never report on anything outside the country, other than evil enemies to justify government policy.

Never report on unemployment. That's 'bad news', and blame everything on lazy workers, evil capitalists , etc.

Heck, you don't need a first amendment right either.

ANd no, you don't have a right to force others to give up theirs.

Please tell me where this 'right' of yours to dictate what rights will be taken from others is

Let's Switzerland everyone house has a gun. Isn't that a minefeld? and they are ASSAULT WEAPONS. State of the art fully automatic weapons!

HOw about Israel? They ride around on buses and guard corners.....with fully automatic weapons.

Let's town....... you don't have to worry about being gunned down on the street...except maybe by a criminal let out of jail after 27th conviction of armed robbery and assault......after 3 weeks...because he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, huh?

In the last 3 killings, the folks were MENTAL CASES.

Why aren't you investigating the high power mental drugs they were given? Ones that often cause suicide cases and worse? Why aren't you sending off mental cases to institutions or making sure they are taking their meds?

Put mildly, the last 3 killing sprees were drug induced mental cases that were not controlled by the do gooder libs.

Why aren't you working on that?

That will go a lot further to solve the problem.

Instead you go after the law abiding folks.


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