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Subject:  Don't Fight the Numbers Date:  1/10/2013  12:59 PM
Author:  tjscott0 Number:  665578 of 794789

There have been quite a few post here about how even the federal gov't spending & QE program will fail & bankrupt the country as one can't fight the math[numbers].

I'm gonna apply that to violent crime especially in regard to gun violence.

This theory was spawned by JoshRandall's "Choose Your Own Crime Stats" post

I went to FBI crime stat website:

I got total US violent crimes from 1960 to 2010. Violent crime increased from 1960 til it peaked in 1991. And violent crime really began to accelerate from 1967.

Now let's look at US population pyramids-1970-1990-2010

My theory is that the baby boomer generation is very large. And that generally there are roughly the same percentage of criminals &/or violent people from generation to generation. And that crime is a young man's game [age 18 to 35]. The boome