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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/10/2013  2:14 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  665591 of 794504

"There is "so much disagreement" only on the Fool's Atheist Board and other atheist sites. You guys are waaaay out of the mainstream." - catherine


And they will change their minds soon enough after their "soul" pops out of their body. There have been many atheist NDE's and almost uniformly change their minds when they come back.

"For years Dr. Eben Alexander III had dismissed near-death revelations of God and heaven as explainable by the hard wiring of the human brain. He was, after all, a neurosurgeon with sophisticated medical training.

But then in 2008 Alexander contracted bacterial meningitis. The deadly infection sent him into a deep coma. During that time, he now says, he was living intensely in his mind. He was reborn into a primitive mucky Jell-O-like substance and then guided by "a beautiful girl with high cheekbones and deep blue eyes" on the wings of a butterfly to an "immense void" that is both "pitch black" and "brimming with light" coming from an "orb" that interprets for an all-loving God.

Alexander, 58, was so changed by the experience that he felt compelled to write a book, "Proof of Heaven," which recounts his experience. He knew full well that he was gambling his professional reputation by writing it, but his hope is that his exp