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Subject:  Re: A Hanging Followed By A Speedy Trial Date:  1/11/2013  12:15 AM
Author:  SooozFool Number:  665708 of 876422

Obummer and Biden ought to be ashamed of themselves for using such a horrible tragedy to advance their political goals. It's unconscionable that lefty politicians are making political hay out of 20 little kids getting shot up, but the evil sons of B's are doing exactly that, and they ought to roast in hell for it.

Did you feel the same way about Republicans after James Brady, Reagan's press secretary, began advocating for reasonable gun control measures after Brady was seriously injured in John Hinkley's attempt on President Reagan's life? Should Brady, too, "roast in hell"? Or do you respect gun control advocates only if they've been shot? Do you advocate that all anti-regulation folks must shut up as well unless they, too, have been shot? Somehow I doubt it.

BTW, if you are scoring people's motives by who benefits, taking on the gun lobby is a costly thing to do politically. And the gun lobby makes a lot of profits on hyped-up sales after these massacres and the ensuing political dustup. But you don't apply your own who-benefits standard to the profit-makers, do you?
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