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Subject:  Re: A Hanging Followed By A Speedy Trial Date:  1/11/2013  1:41 AM
Author:  CCinOC Number:  665720 of 794600

Your correct statement will not draw nearly as many recs as the incorrect claim that "more people were killed with hammers last year than firearms." Facts -- why bother?

Indeed...why bother? You certainly haven't bothered.

Violence in all its forms accounts for over 1.5 million deaths a year, some 90% of which occur in low- and middle-income countries. This total can be broken down into 52% (or 782,000) due to suicide, 35.5% (or 535,000) due to homicide, and just over 12% (182,000) as a direct result of war or some other form of conflict. Thus, most of the deaths due to violence occur in settings which are at peace and most perpetrators are the victims themselves or people who are close to the victim such as parents, intimate partners, friends and acquaintances.

By way of comparison, the 1.5 millions deaths a year due to violence is greater than the number of deaths due to tuberculosis (1.34 million), road traffic injuries (1.21 million), and malaria (830,000), but slightly less than the number of people who die from HIV/AIDS (1.77 million).

In the U.S. the number of violent deaths by firearms was 31,672 in 2010 for all races, both genders, all ages.

Of that number, only a small percent