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Subject:  Re: Here's why Libs don't get it Date:  1/11/2013  2:03 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  665857 of 876087

" What about my right to live in a safe community free of the fear of deranged nut jobs running loose with handguns and assault rifles? "

SOmehow, I missed your 'imagined' right to live in a safe community free from folks owning guns.

I also missed the part where you are entitled to live in a neighborhood with only 'good' neighbors, never letting a criminal live within 20 miles of your location, and maybe even making sure that everyone is 'above average' in intelligence and achievement. right? why should your kids have to go to schools with folks with IQs lower than 100. It's your 'right' to a good enducation for your 'above average kids' and they shouldn't be forced to play with, being in the same classroom, or associate with kids that don't 'look like them'. their rights, of course......

and surely you don't want 'immigrants' in your neighborhood with maybe different values. You have a 'right' to a secure, non-crime neighborhood. Heck, anyone who has been convicted of anything has to move. Especially a DUI. Get a DUI and you'd have to move out of the 'safe neighborhood' because, well, you'd likely mow down some family sooner or later, or run down your kid on his bike.

Drug conviction.? Oh, we want to live in safe neighborhoods 'free' of drugs. Anyone caught with an illegal drug would have to move out of the nieghborhood. Our kids have a 'right' to a drug free environment. We'll simply banish all caught drug users out of the community. That's defending our 'right' to a drug free neighborhood, right?

ANd before you know it, we'll go after the people with different religions, those who have large families , those who own barking dogs......

Don't we have a right to live in a neighborhood free of nuisance barking dogs! OUtlaw dogs...especially ones that bite small kids and KILL them at times!...... got to get those killer dogs off the streets...outlaw them. Make their owners take a mental test!.....make sure they are 'fit' to own a dog and take a 100 hour dog ownership test. Then pay a $250/yr per dog registration fee and have the police come and inspect the home and yard to be sure the dog is 'secure' at all times!

We have that 'right' , no?

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